Write a bias-controlled APA position paper on Official English. Be sure you follow all the conventions of an APA academic research paper. This especially includes, for a position paper, the writing of an informative Introductory Paragraph (IP). Your IP should contain orientation information as necessary to lead your reader into the content of your paper. The IP should also announce the Research Question plus the Sources to be used in the paper.

PLEASE FOLLOW CLOSE INSTRUCTIONS . MY PROFESSOR IS VERY STRICT.I will be sending the instructions called taking a stand file and the APA template . You will use the same book online.Go to Chegg.com Username – steven.palomino@gmail.com, password is – Steve0527!!Please read two essays in your Language Awareness anthology (eleventh edition): “Should English Be the Law?” by King (page 483 ff.) and “In Plain English: Let’s Make It Official” by Krauthammer (page 493 ff.). THE PAPER In our Week Five, I gave you a lecture sheet (“An Introduction to APA”) that presented the overall organization of an APA paper. Your Paper Four should be written (mostly) according to that organization. Begin with a title page. Devote page two exclusively to the Abstract; only the abstract should appear on page two. Begin the body of your paper at the top of page three with a repeat of the title (and subtitle, if any). Your “Review of the Literature” section will present paraphrases, summaries, and direct quotations of the essential content of each of your sources. Since this APA paper does not present the design and results of original research or experiments, you will skip both the “Methodology” and “” sections. Instead, you will move directly to your “Analysis and Conclusions” section where you will present your analysis of the information and argumentation provided in your sources. You will also present your own conclusions about what your own informed and considered opinion is on the Official-English debate. You will skip the “Suggestions” section because this paper does not report original research or scientific experiments. Instead, you will move on to the References page.ADDITIONAL SPECIFICATIONS Paper length: Think in terms of 1,500 words. More than 1,500 words is fine; fewer than 1,500 words is not fine. Use this requirement as an indication of the depth to which your thinking and presentation should go and the level of detail you should use. One way to conceptualize this word count is to think of the abstract as between 100-120 words and the Introductory Paragraph (or two) as 100-200 words or so. Devote approximately 200 words to the presentation of each of your four sources; more sources will entail more words. Allow 400-500 words to your analysis and conclusions.

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