Write a brief (at least 3 or 4 sentences, but no longer than two paragraphs) description of an idea you have for final presentations.

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Name a specific pop culture text you think would be interesting to analyze closely, explain why you think the text would work well as a site for analyzing themes of gender and sexuality (and/or identity), and refer to at least one text we have read this semester that you see as relevant for understanding the pop culture text you’re suggesting. Remember that you can get creative and propose a pop culture text that does not explicitly deal with queer topics but lends itself to a queer reading (as in the Disney films we’ve discussed).

When I say specific pop culture text, I simply mean that you need to have some idea of your focus, even if you would need to refine your focus more in the future. Examples of specific pop culture texts for the purpose of this proposal: 1) Sheldon Cooper’s asexuality on The Big Bang Theory; 2) the slam poetry of Staceyann Chin; 3) The Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder.” While presentations would need to focus in on specific scenes from the shows or specific performances of Staceyann Chin, you don’t need to narrow your focus quite that much here, unless you already have something more specific in mind.