Write a financial analysis for a U.S.-based, publicly traded organization.

Write a financial analysis for a U.S.-based, publicly traded organization.

Research the latest two years of financial statements for a publicly traded organization based in the U.S. Obtain the organization’s three most recent annual reports. You may choose any organization, as long as the data needed to complete this assessment is available to you.

Write a 10 page analysis of your findings. Apply theories, methods, and analytical tools, including capital structure and financial statement ratio analysis. Address the following in your analysis:

Identify the industry of the organization and present industry statistics.
Perform a complete financial analysis of the organization’s financial statements for the last two years, including horizontal, vertical, and changes in ratios.
Identify and analyze important segments (percentage of sales, or subsidiaries).
Analyze cash flows.
Compare and evaluate the organization’s ratios against the industry averages.
Analyze the impacts and specific risks of international trade on the organization’s financial statements.
Analyze the impact of ethical, regulatory, and tax considerations on the organization’s financial policy decisions.

Times New Roman, 12 point.

Minimum of 10 references, of which 3 should be academic journals and no more than 2 should be textbooks.

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