Write a paper in which you discuss Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC).

Consumer Driven Health Care (CASE)

Case Assignment

Please write a paper in which you discuss Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC) in the following scenario:

Suppose that you are a health care provider. Over a lengthy dinner conversation, a person across the table argues that patients do not receive good medical care if they don’t have much money.

A.First explain the basic intent of consumer driven health care (i.e. medical consumerism) to that person in your own words (one paragraph maximum).
B.Identify at least one argument against CDHC. Find and analyze information from scholary sources to defend this position.
C.Based on your own research, summarize how the National Health Care plan recently odopted by Congress will impact CDHC.

Assignment Expectations

You will be expected to provide a scholarly basis for your response. Your opinions should be justified with evidence from the literature. References should be cited properly in the text of your essay, as well as at the end. Several scholarly references should be cited for this assignment. Please limit your response to 23 pages.

The following articles/readings will provide you with a solid background on consumer-driven healthcare. You should have a comfortable understanding of this material before you proceed to completing the writing assignments.

Required Readings

Catherine, M. W. (2010). Consumer-driven healthcare: What is it? The Journal of Medical Practice Management : MPM, 25(5), 263-265. Retrieved from ProQuest.

Ha, S., & Yun, J. L. (2011). Determinants of consumer-driven healthcare. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 5(1), 8-24. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1108. Found in ProQuest.

Hughes-Cromwick, P., Root, S., & Roehrig, C. (2007, Apr.). Consumer-driven healthcare: information, incentives, enrollment, and implications for national health expenditures. Business Economics, 42(2), 43-57.

Rodwin, M. (2003). The dark side of a consumer-driven health system. Frontiers of Health Services Management, 19(4), 31-34.

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