Write a reflection of what you gained from the three topics.

I have three topics :

First: Surgical Treatment of Obesity.
Second: Obesity, Energy Balance, and Evolution.
Third: Inflammation and Obesity.

And I would like to get a a reflection paper about these topics, these reflection papers should state an opinion on a topic we discussed in class and support the argument with evidence. So The reflections should be at least 2 pages each topic, double-spaced and must include:
1. A short summary (with appropriate factual information).
2. A description of your understanding of why their particular research topic is important.
3. Your personal reflection on the topic. This can include topics such as: how relates to your own research or stimulated your thinking about science, elements of presentation style.

1- Must each topic has 2 pages double-spaced and in separated file.
2- you can find all topics and their files in this LINK down >>>

First: Surgical Treatment of Obesity

Second: Obesity, Energy Balance, and Evolution

Third: Inflammation and Obesity

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