Write a report for a hypothetical client, considering the developments in her life as listed below

10 years ago:Joanna was 25 and studying medicine in Manchester. Joanna hoped to graduate after a year and to be able to start working shortly after that.10 years on…:You are a financial advisor who works for an independent institution and Joanna is one of your clients, you have to advise her on how best to manage her finances (property, investment and pension) according to the circumstances below:Joanna is now 35 and works as a consultant in private hospital in London. She is satisfied with the way her career has progressed, although she started working later than expected, when she was 28. Her job is now quite safe. Her annual salary for the last seven years has been £50,000 on average, she currently rents a small flat in Finchley for which she pays £1500 a month in rent.Joanna is considering buying her own place.Your client has only been in an occupational pension scheme for the last 4 years, since she was 31 and she would like to increase her contributions or start a private pension to boost her chances of a comfortable life after retirement but she is wondering whether she would be better off saving money in a bank account.Joanna has a credit card on which she pays 38% APR and which she rarely uses. She has £15,000 in a saving account from which she receives 0.5% annual interest rate and £20,000 in another saving account from which she receives 0.7% but has no access to the money for the next year. She would like to earn more interest on her savings as well as gain accessibility to them or invest them but does not know how to go about it (make assumptions about her attitude to risk).Joanna is in the process of adopting a child which should end positively within the next two years.Required:Advise Joanna on how best to manage her savings, property and pension contributions in order to maximise her wealth in the long term (next 10 to 15 years).Please take into consideration her personal circumstances and make assumptions on her attitude to risk.Tax issues not to be considered.Marking guide:30 marks will be awarded for complete answers to each section of the report.The three sections of the report must include management of: 1) property, 2) savings and investments and 3) pensions.For full marks students must provide:Realistic additional assumptions on Joanna’s future (i.e. future earnings), real-life examples of mortgage and interest rates, expected rates of return on specific investments, expected pension contributions and incomes.A structured financial plan that matches the client’s profile and objectivesThe strategy should quantify the extent of improvement in the client’s finances following your advice, the report should analytically examine the recommended products in terms of risk and returnAnother 10 marks will be awarded for presentation.Marking Criteriaa) Address the client’s financial needs.b) State and justify all assumptions.c) Demonstrate familiarity with the relevant literature and products.d) Attempt to apply concepts and theory to the case historye) Demonstrate evidence of wide reading (at least 10 references required)f) Endeavour to high quality presentation with good use of punctuation, spelling and grammar.

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