Write a report for Maggie, marketer of the e-commerce Website.

For this assignment, you write a report for Maggie, marketer of the e-commerce Website. She wants to know the following:

1. What is the hour of the day that the Store typically produces more revenue than the site average from AdWords campaigns? And same question but for day of the week?
2. For the AW Accessories campaign within the top 10 keywords that are attracting sessions are there any that are not producing revenue?
3. We target different ads to different cities in the United States, what are the top 3 states where we have a large audience (use sessions), but lower than average performance (use bounce rate) for paid traffic?
In addition, Maggie wants you as analytics intern to show her two of your most intriguing findings that may help her market the store, as an additional test of your creativity in data analysis.

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