Write a report that will highlight the current and changing role of social enterprises in society today and where they’re headed.

Individual Coursework
Format: Written Report (it should include an executive summary and recommendations) Formatting Guidelines:
Font size: 12
Text alignment: Justify
Line spacing: 1.5 or 2
Word limit: 1800‐2000 words
This individual piece of work focuses on your development during the social enterprise module. You should write a report that will highlight the current and changing role of social enterprises in society today and where they’re headed. You should also focus on any innovative ways in which you think social enterprises are going to develop further. [Please note that at this stage of the module, we are NOT considering the social enterprises where you had visited.]
Social Enterprise Module Outline
Focus on the following themes:
Brief literature review on the types of different enterprises and their role in society
today (which social role do they fulfil and why do we benefit from them). Use the
literature sources listed in the module handbook as suggested reading. (35%)
Analyse the changing role of social enterprises today and outline the main
difficulties that they are facing. (35%)
Make recommendations on of innovative ways in which social enterprises should
develop in the future; (15%)
Use consistent (academic) referencing and the follow the formatting guidelines for
the text provided in the previous page. (good writing style and formatting and also a written report format) (15%)
Executive Summary
Written last and gives an overview of the whole report.
It is roughly one paragraph long.
It is written in the past tense and does not introduce what will be done but summarises the entire report.
Findings and recommendations are explicitly included!
1 Introduction
1.1 Define the area;
1.2 give a working definition of key terms or specialist definitions if any;
1.3 Compare to other references if appropriate.
1.4 Outline the relevant organisations
2. Literature Review (if appropriate)
Look at the general literature on the area;
Look at the more specialist area you are examining and critically evaluate; Do not write each reference and related text to it in a separate paragraph but be creative;
3. Main Analysis
3.1 Describe the main topic of your report;
3.2 provide a critical analysis of the chosen topic;
3.3 discuss any limitations of your research;
4. Discussion/ Analysis
4.1 Go through the main themes emerging;
4.2 compare any findings back to the literature in chapter 2;
5. Conclusion
Summarise your main findings and conclusions from the assigned topic;
6. Recommendations
Recommend an area for further study or improvement; Make practical recommendations based on your conclusions;
Reference List
In the Harvard Referencing Style (see library or EIC handouts for further details); see blackboard links in the module’s site;
List any items you may have for an appendix (this is not at all compulsory)

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