Write a research paper on a presidential domestic or foreign policy accomplishment.

You will write a research paper on a presidential domestic or foreign policy accomplishment. Analyze the historical and political significance of this policy and discuss the president�s strategies that led to its adoption. For example, did he �go public�? Why was this more successful for him? Was there unified government? How did this affect his negotiations with Congress? Explain how the public mood or a national crisis affected his ability to accomplish his policy objectives. You have a great deal of flexibility here, just be sure to pick a specific policy, address its significance, and discuss the president�s strategies.

Sources: You must use at least five academic sources (journal articles, reports, books) and at least five relevant and reputable news sources in your paper. Cite these sources correctly and use APA or APSA in-text citations. You do not need to include tables or graphs.

Title Page: This is required and must include all of the following: your name, the title of your paper, Pols 106, and the date. In addition, include the citation format you are following and the reference you are using as a guide (e.g. APA: Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab�and then give the proper citation). You must use APA or APSA citation format for this paper.

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