Write about a 90 words per sentence starter IN RESPONSE TO LANGSTON HUGHES’S POEM.

While we can certainly start with our gut reaction to a readingdisgust or joy, perhapsthat initial reaction is insufficient, for it needs to be backed up with exploration and evidence in order to have academic validity (and usually validity in a business or personal forum as well, as most people want reasoned arguments as to why something is favorable or not).

So, no reaction is wrong, but it must be explored, well-reasoned, and supported.

To that end, to begin practicing with the type of thinking about literature and writing about literature you will be doing in this course, lets begin with the poem Theme from English B by Langston Hughes. Its a fairly straightforward poem, but don’t let that fool you. There are layers here and depths which you can explore.

For this weeks writing assignment, please choose any three “sentence starters” from three different categories on the PDF located in this folder. Then, in grammatically correct English, write about a 90 words per sentence starter IN RESPONSE TO LANGSTON HUGHES’S POEM and upload to the safe assignment in this folder by Saturday at midnight. Do not write more than 500 words, as you need to begin learning how to write clear yet detailed explanations in a succinct manner.

Your writing assignment (reading response) will be graded as follows:

Each question is worth 33 points: 20 for content (how well and clearly you explained your ideas) and 13 for grammar/diction. Diction is your word choice; please make sure you use academic language – no slang. To earn your 20 points on content, you want to make sure you fully explain your ideas; no idea is wrong, but you need to say why you feel the way you do in answering the questions you have chosen. In general, the reader of your response (me) should not have any questions or lack of clarity about what you have written/expressed. A lack of full development (which means I am confused or have questions about what you have written) will result in a reduction of points.

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