Write about the history of Holocaust.

There are part 1(half page, one paragraph) which is due Friday morning and part 2 (half page, one paragraph due next Monday morning). Write a one-paragraph response to one reading that I assigned for you.
This response assignment is about the history of Holocaust and it should be covered with only history. And I want you start the sentence: in this reading, the author talks about.. (1 or 2 sentences). After that, please note at least two facts that stood out to you from the reading and explain why you found these facts noteworthy. Do format like first~~ Second~~ Then, make one question in the end. Plus, you can ask a question that you dont understand some points in the reading. Also, you cannot agree the authors point if you have.
Please make each sentence specific, not broad. Please make simple sentence structure, simple word and short sentence.

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