Write an essay appealing my re-entrance to the nursing program.

Needing help in my essay. I have started essay that I will provide below but has many errors and needs revision. Please revise/re-do and input anything that can help me toward making essay more sympathetic and more grammatically correct.
Essay is below:
I am appealing for my re-entrance to the Nursing Program at West Coast University. I had two unsatisfactory grades on this previous term, spring 2016 . The classes were Introduction to Med Surgery and Pharmacology. During the end of this term, I was having financial problems and was struggling to make my tuition monthly payments and was even considering dropping out of this term.
This is a major contributing factor as to why my grades slipped for Exam 3 and the final for Med Surg as I was doing fairly well but my exam #3 grade was a low D. Even though the other test grades were B, C, and my final was a C, I unfortunately did not get a passing grade for this class.
I was very shocked. After my Med Surg final, I began to prepare for my Pharmacology final. I felt my Pharmocology final went well with the exception of the Medication Math problems that made me go blank. I had studied med math thoroughly a prior day as well as throughout this term and was unsure as to why I just went blank and struggled doing these problems during this classes final.
I had a high C prior to my Pharmacology final and was expecting to get a B grade in this class. I was very shocked to get a D in this final. I unfortunately lost my concentration due to my stress level.
I was having financial problems due to not having a job and my savings being depleted. I unfortunately did not have the support from my job that was offered to me at first. My jobs management had assured they would give me a flexible schedule but they eventually were not able to give me that and I had no choice but to resign last year. I looked for work since then but was not able to find a flexible job that fit my constant changing school schedule. I luckily recently found a source of financial stability now as my father will use his 401k to make my tuition payments.
I am no longer stressed and my hope is to be re-entered into the Nursing Program. I will definitely do my best and go to PAL tutoring every week, and form a study group. This is something that I have not tried. I have only tried the online tutoring but will definitely use all of my resources if my appealing petition is approved.

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