Write an essay comparing the scientific method and the engineering method of problem solving.

Write an essay comparing the scientific method and the engineering method of problem solving.




  1. Compare each step of the scientific method with the engineering method.  What are the differences and how are they the same?
  2. You can do your research the using the WEB, physics or chemistry textbooks, magazine articles etc…
  3. Write a 2-page (~ 1000 words) essay on the topic.
  4. Attach a reference page that sites the documents that you obtained your information from.




Writing helps the individual writer think critically and has long been recognized as a vital component of engineering education.  Simply put, when students are asked to write, they grasp subject matter more thoroughly and more deeply.  They are then able to use this understanding to transport knowledge across disciplinary boundaries.


Writers are forced to think comprehensively and to link thoughts in sequence.  The vast majorities of successful writers also extensively rewrite and revise their work.  The habits developed when writing – thinking comprehensively, expecting to rework the initial results, and realizing there is no one “correct answer” – are indispensable in educating what Schon calls the reflective practitioner.  These steps are included in most descriptions of the design process, and it would seem particularly useful that writing be thoroughly integrated into engineering education since some of the most central elements of design are present in the writing process.  Both processes have a preliminary creative stage – often termed brainstorming in design and prewriting in writing.  The initial solutions in both are most often changed via a recursive procedure, and, through gradual improvement, some acceptable final solution is reached.  Implicit in both is the crucial idea that there is often more than one acceptable solution and that a unique “correct” solution usually does not exist.


Reason is language, logos – Demosthenes

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