Write an essay in which you analyze the concept of the FINAL GIRL in the film Halloween directed by John Carpenter.

Write an essay in which you analyze the concept of the FINAL GIRL in the film Halloween directed by John Carpenter. Analyze how the film constructs Laurie as the Final Girl and how the horror genre expresses and
represents the final girl, gender, and sexuality.
Use sources such as: the reading His Body, Herself: Gender in the Slasher Film by Clover, class notes, the
documentary The American Nightmare, and specific film examples as supporting evidence.
Include the following in your typed essay: 1) definition of the Final Girl in your own words or as a direct quote,
2) an analysis of how the film narratively & visually constructs Laurie as the Final Girl as well as thoughts on
how the final girl, gender, & sexuality are a part of and expressed through the horror genre, 3) descriptive scene
examples and quotes to support your analysis.
12 pt font; Times New Roman
Double spaced
Minimum 2 pages in length
Due Date:
You must turn in both in class and on eCampus.
In class, 11/3/15
On eCampus, 11/3/15 by 7:00PM
100 = Synthesis and analysis; shows innovation and thoughtfulness and independent thinking by developing ideas beyond
lecture/class discussion
96 = Understanding; shows mastery of material presented in class can apply basic concepts and restate course concepts
86 = Memorization – shows ability to correctly REPEAT material as presented in lecture, discussion, etc.
76 = Awareness – Shows some familiarity with course material but cant accurately or completely repeat material from
66 = Effort – attempted work but doesnt demonstrate basic awareness of course material
50 = Lack of effort – doesnt follow directions (for example, part of the question is not addressed– examples are not
described, concepts aren’t defined, film concept is not addressed, etc.)
0 = Most of the question is not addressed, off topic, or does not make a substantial attempt (for example, writes only a few

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