Write an Essay on Computer sciences and Information technology

Project description
please note this assessment consist of two entries .each entry consists oft three components. please read the requriments carefully in the attachment .
Added on 15.11.2016 18:32
here is all the requirements , please follow the structure strictly .
Added on 15.11.2016 18:42
here is the sample about how to write the report. just suggestion : for Networking, Internet and Security entry you can use the topic of wireless and mobile network; for the Computer Organization and Operating system entry you can use the topic of system security and protection. you can choose or change the topic if you like.
Instruction files

spec_assignment_2016s01_kf7023_en0705_ica.pdf(157,18 KiB)
spec_template_2016s01_kf7023_en0705_ica.doc(34,00 KiB)

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