Write an Essay on Journalism, mass media and communication

Project description
Assignment Topic: Employing semiotic concepts, produce a detailed semiotic analysis of a maximum of one magazine adverts(according to adverts has provided,picture1,this is gym adverts )

Words Request:1000(no introduction ,no conclusion )

Reference Style: using the Harvard Referencing System, The work of Dyer, Williamson, Goldman, Goldman and Papson, and MacRury is particularly recommended.( At least 5 references)

Deadline: 96 hours

Text Area:

consider the sign value of the advert, how this is created through the connotations of its signs, identify the myth(s) reproduced by the adverts, and the senses in which the myths can be seen as ideological.

structure: denotation,

connotation,1 composition of a picture 2 The meaning of the color etc.


ideological: 1west culture,2*gender

3 Breastfeeding in public social phenomenon

The combination of myth and ideological

Attachment Uploading Area:

Don\’t write too professional, using basic vocabulary, simple sentences

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