Write the dissociation reactions for both salts.


Convert concentration of salt at the end of each of the six trials into molarities of KCl and NaCl, and record in your data table for each trial.
Write the dissociation reactions for both salts.
Determine the molarity of ions in the solution.
Write the formula for the Ksp of each salt.
Calculate the Ksp for each salt.


The theoretical value for the Ksp of KCl at 0°C is 12, and, at the same temperature, the Ksp for NaCl is 32. Determine the percent error between these theoretical values and your experimental values.

Percent error = theoretical value – experimental value
theoretical value X 100

Reference the graph (figure 13.18) on page 525 of your textbook. Why do you think the instructions for this lab included using chilled distilled water? In other words, why didn’t you simply use room temperature water?
Predict how the Ksp values of both salts would change if this experiment were done at temperatures above 90°C. Explain how the values would change when comparing both salts to each other.

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