Write the Economic History Review 50, no. 1 (1997): 57-81.

Project description
the article is about Jones, Michael John. “The Agricultural Depression, Collegiate Finances, and Provision for Education at Oxford, 18711913.” The Economic History Review 50, no. 1 (1997): 57-81.
When writing your paper, assume that the reader knows nothing about the journal
article. You first need to explain the article to the reader. What is the articles
main point? What are the larger stakes, and why should anyone care about the
topic? What kind of methodology and data the author uses to prove his or her
argument? What are the conclusions? (for the short paper, this is all you do).
Do not afraid to be critical of the article. In fact, I encourage you to do exactly
that. Make sure that your frame your critical analysis in a reasoned fashion. You
do not need to have a PhD to ask whether arguments are consistent, data are
relevant etc. Focus on the arguments with which you are most comfortable and go
from there.
However, you do not have to make a general statement about whether the article
is good or bad. Most academic work has strong points and weak points.
Explain your points clearly and use economic reasoning. If you write, I just dont
find this article convincing, you are not really saying anything. Tell us why the
article is not convincing.
Your fundamental task is to enhance my understanding of the paper. Remember;
Ive read them all! You might want to assign two or three pages to just the
facts, and then explain your views about them.
You must use a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Lyx
etc.). Double space each paper, including footnotes, endnotes, and the
bibliography. Each page must be numbered by the software. Margins must be
at least 1 inch all around. The type font size must be at least 11 points. The
page limit includes the main text, footnotes, and endnotes, but not figures or
the bibliography.
You must prepare a cover page, which will not count towards your page limit.
This cover page must have nothing but your name and the title of your essay.
Do not put your name anywhere else on your paper. I will have the TA
remove the cover page before I grade so that I can grade them blind.
You can use only published, printed documents (books, articles etc.) as
sources. You cannot cite a lecture (mine or anyone elses) as a source.
Websites themselves cannot be sources.
You must follow proper citation rules and provide references for any idea,
material, or statement not of your own. You can follow any citation format
you like as long as you are consistent with that format. If you quote from the
article you are discussing, you must also mark this as a quotation and provide
a page reference. This rule also applies to tables and figures. I do not tolerate
plagiarism. If you have questions, please ask; otherwise, it is your
responsibility to know what constitutes as plagiarism.

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