Write the term paper base on gender wage gap and gender difference in education and ability.

Please write the term paper base on gender wage gap and gender difference in education and ability. Please read and use the data and theory from the given papers. More reference would be preferred but the given ones need to be used. Please inform me about the topic you of your choice and briefly explain it before start to write the real thing.

Further instruction as following:
Term Paper
This term paper is like a research proposal. It should include the following sections and points:
1) Introduction
Define precisely the question you will be addressing and present it in the introduction section along with a summary of the following sub-points:
a) Why is it relevant?
Why should we care? (Policy implications or research contribution)
b) How does it compare to the literature?
(If your question has already been analyzed then you have to briefly explain why and
How your approach would be an improvement over the existing approaches)
c) What do you propose to answer this question? Which approach/methodology will be relevant and why? Which hypotheses are you planning to test?
d) What type of data (search among existing datasets) is appropriate to answer your question?
2) Background
This section should develop in details points
b) Providing a short literature review (summarizing and contrasting at least 3-4 papers) and an explanation of the theoretical background related to your question.
Based on the theoretical background presented, you then need to articulate a set of predictions which you will use and bring to the data.
3) Data and Methodology
This section should develop in details points c) and d) above. It needs to provide detailed information on the dataset and your choice of the variables of interest and why or how they relate to the predictions you want to test. Then you need to describe the regression equation you plan to estimate and the estimation method. In each case, you need to explain what you plan to do and why you think this is the right thing to do.
4) Expected Results and their Implications
In this section you will discuss the results you expect to find and their implications for policy considerations or recommendation to the business community.

No bullet points but actual paragraphs and sentences should be used
The term paper should be about 10-15pageslong, 1.5 line spacing, and 12 pt.
Please Include bibliography
Added on 05.04.2016 22:01
Three paper which need to be included are
Ferrer, A and C. Riddell (2002) The roleof credentials in the Canadian labour market, Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 35, No. 4, pp. 879-905
J O\”Neill, The Gender Gap in Wage, CIRCA 2000, The American Economic Review, Vol. 93, No. 2,May, 2003, pp 309-314
Anna Dreber, Emma von Essen, Eva Ranehill, 2011, Outrunning the Gender Gap Boys and Girls Compete Equally,Experimental Economics, November 2011, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp567-582

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