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Using only the sources/references as follows, you should answer the following questions using only the materials (textbook, web enrichment\’s, lectures, etc.) No outside sources. Bibliography should represent using these source items only.Textbook is: The West and the World: A History of Civilization – 1400 to the Present, by Kevin Reilly. Chapters 1 through 6.To do well in this assignment be sure to identify the key elements of each type of society and explain how traditional societies in Europe were transformed into modern ones from 1500 to 1870.You need to develop a thesis, select key ideas and arguments, and put them together in an essay that synthesizes the materialEssay Topic: is your choice.Questions to answer for the ESSAY.1. What factors seem most important in the transition from traditional to modern society? Why do they seem so crucial?2. In what ways was socialism a response to that transition? In what ways did it look toward a new transition?

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