xplain the additional 3 Ps of the 7 Ps model and illustrate with many examples from the case study. Analyze and explain how each one of those characteristics is important in the success of the Golden Arch Hotels.

MK301 Marketing Management for the Services Industry
Coursework 01

The questions below are designed to assist you in critically analyzing the case study, Golden Arch Hotel: McDonald’s Adventure in the Hotel Industry. As you answer the questions be sure to define your terms, integrate theory and site your sources in the text as well as on the final reference page.

You may work in groups from 2-6 members but each group must answer all 4 questions.

1. Explain the additional 3 Ps of the 7 Ps model and illustrate with many examples from the case study. Analyze and explain how each one of those characteristics is important in the success of the Golden Arch Hotels.

2. The PEST analysis is a useful tool for understanding the ‘big picture’ of the environment in which a business is operating. Describe in detail the hotel market environment in Switzerland as it existed at the time of the case study in 2001. What were the challenges?

3. The SWOT analysis is useful in creating a strategy that helps a business distinguish itself from its competitors. Perform a SWOT analysis and describe the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Why did the McDonald’s company decide to enter the hotel industry? Was the company able to transfer its strengths into this new venture? Why or why not?

4. According to theory, what is value and how is it created by a hospitality organization? How does the Golden Arch company attempt to create value for its customers? Did they succeed? Illustrate with many examples from the case study.

The format for the report should be in the style of a business report. The report will be minimum 3000 words long (not including appendices and references). Please list each question and then provide your answer. Students will not be penalized for reports with a word count that exceeds 3000 words. Only text belongs in the body of the report. All photos, graphs, charts, etc. must be placed in the appendix.
Submission date:
Only one electronic copy of the report must be submitted to Turnitin through Moodle. A printed copy of report is no longer necessary.
Please save your file as a PDF file and name it as follows:

Class_ ENGLISH first names only

Example: BA3HE2_Jason_Amy_Linn_Cyrus_Dan

Report Writing Details for CW01:
Title page: including report title, students’ name and students’ numbers, class number, module name and code, assessment task, lecturer’s name and date.

Acknowledgements: If necessary, provide a page of acknowledgements where the students acknowledge those who helped them complete their assessment.

Contents page: List the contents of the project (headings, sub-headings) and the page numbers they appear on.

Introduction: in 100-200 words, state the purpose of the report and provide an overview of the contents.

Referencing in the text: reference all citations in the text of the assignment.

Findings/Results and Analysis: answer the questions on the assignment with your findings, analysis, student’s opinion and support for that opinion.

Conclusions: State the main conclusions of the research on the case study. Be detailed!

Referencing section: provide references on a separate page at the back of the report using the Harvard referencing system. They must be ACADEMIC and at least 3 different kinds. For example, books + internet + journals + videos + magazines, etc.

Appendices: students may also wish to provide appendices if appropriate.

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