Your Cultural/Ethnic Experience in American Society

Students are required to write a 3-page typed paper reviewing their own personal cultural/ethnic background. The paper should detail aspects of the students heritage and culture, and then discuss the influence that heritage and culture have had in forming values and biases held by the student. Finally the paper asks the student to analyze this information, observe affective reactions, and use his/her judgment to form an opinion as the student answers this question: What role does difference play when shaping life experiences or personal perspectives? See attached rubric.

Explains elements of ones own culture. Identifies at least three elements of culture and gives appropriate examples of each. Articulates a thorough understanding of elements of ones own culture and gives meaningful examples.

Contains information regarding ancestry/heritage. Identifies at least three aspects of ancestry/ heritage and gives appropriate examples of each. Provides meaningful commentary on the influence of ones own ancestry/ heritage.

Discusses the implications of difference and diversity in shaping ones own experiences. Discusses the implications of difference and diversity in shaping ones own experiences.

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