\”10 Rules for More Effective Advertising\”.Discuss

THIS IS ONLY A DISCUSSION QUESTION!!Let\’s look at what makes an advertisement successful. Scan the Internet or the resources in our university library\’s periodical databases, such as Adflip or this one from Duke University, for an advertisement (in any medium–print, radio, TV, the Internet, etc., so long as you will be able to share it in class).Assess the ad using those \”10 Rules for More Effective Advertising\”(SEE ATTACHMENT) and the key questions to ask when analyzing advertising in the media literacy lecture. You should ponder, too, why we need to understand the role that advertising plays in our media and society. For example, what are some of the implications of the ubiquity of advertising in today’s media environment? To deepen your understanding, review the Advertising Theories in the Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Tony Purvis\’ essay, \”Advertising – A Way of Life\” (Chapter 1) in Advertising As Culture.It must include a link to the advertisement you analyzed and references to pertinent course material.

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