12 month forecast marketing plan of Amazon

12 month forecast marketing plan of Amazon

Executive Summary

Amazon.uk is affiliated to Amazon.com based in Seattle US. Recently, Amazon.uk has been challenged by upcoming competitors, who not only have fair rates, but have their ever increasing presence. In this light, Amazon.uk is required to develop a marketing plan, one which will seek to seal the gaps created by substantive competition. This paper is objected to present a twelve month forecast for a marketing plan, which is suitable to be applied by Amazon. The paper will examine the internal organizational commitment powered by SWOT analysis mechanism. Additionally, it examines a summary of satellite recommendations. It will apprehend the fundamentals of planning, budgeting and executing. The encapsulating section will examine on the essentiality of the evaluation processes.

Determining Satellite Target Market and Positioning (Month 1)

In digital marketing, it is essential to utilize less costly strategies. So, determining the target market is substantial in limiting the aggregate hurdles involved in the marketing process. Pride (282) argues that responsive digital marketing is one that appreciates the determination of satellite target market. In any case, Amazon.uk is fighting for dominance against rival companies; for instance, eBay. Therefore, it is important to determine the segment of satellite market, which Amazon needs to single out in the upcoming marketing campaign. Edgell (15) specifies that digital marketing comprehensively differs from the traditional marketing process in an aspect of target market determination. To achieve a digital target determination and positioning, Edgell specifies various phases of market metrics formulation. Phase 1 of target market determination is business objectives. Phase two will require the conduction of market research. Phase three of the marketing strategy will inquire the establishing the brand position and marketing strategy. Phase four will require amazon.uk to calculate the budget. Phase five will require the analogue and digital media mix and test design. Phase six will require the company to the determination of digital tactics. Phase seven will require the company to prepare media plans and negotiations. Phase eight of marketing will require Amazon to initiate test and measure results. Phase nine will require the program modification then rollout and measure results. Naturally, it is good to estimate the market size as well as, the number of digital marketing strategies.

Determining the Objectives of the Marketing campaign (Month 1)

Essentially, marketing will entail communicating the goals of Amazon.uk to the general internet community. The central objective of marketing seeks to approach the target community comprehensively. This research advocates the application of smart approach; primarily as, determining specific market, measurable, achievable, and realistic as well as, time conscious strategy. Ideally, good market objectives seek to weigh cost/ time against quality. To achieve results, it is significant to enroll an internal organizational mechanism. To this effect, this document proposes the usage of Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) mechanism. The SWOT analysis provides a critical background in objectives determination. Chiefly, the SWOT mechanism illuminates on the central requirements of Amazon.uk marketing strategy. Further, the SWOT mechanism will be integral in identifying internal and external factors that favor the business considerably. Traditionally, Amazon.uk SWOT mechanism has been structured to look on the development of organization in both market share and cost leadership. Amazon Strengths include proper provision of quality services, strategic acquisitions, economies of scope and cost leadership strategy. Secondly, Amazon.uk Weaknesses are zeroed on online presence as well as negative publicity of publishing incoherent context. Thirdly, the opportunities mechanism automates online payment system. Amazon.uk has with time developed its own products. Also, it is good that Amazon has managed to expand the product portfolio in expanding online stores, a considerable affiliation to the parent company Amazon Us. Fourthly, in a close consideration of threats, Amazon.uk has been constantly attacked by lawsuits. Also, the nature of pricing is not appealing to close competitors. In any case, their pricing is not appealing based on the aggregate cost required to run such an expensive venture (Amazon, 2013).

A Summary of any changes to be made to operational marketing (Month 2-10)

Wind and Mahajan (130) argue that proper marketing should seek to appreciate the four Ps of the marketing mix. These are; Price, Product, Promotion and Place. Essentially, the brand in analysis in this report is Amazon.uk, which the twelve forecasts seek to sell to rival products. So, the marketing mix is vital in reformulating the aggregate requirements in the satellite marketing campaign. A considerable marketing mix that suits Amazon.uk requirements is one that is properly planned and budgeted. This is based on the knowledge that marketing operations interferes with vital organization processes. Primarily, planning and budgeting is achieved by the appreciation of bottom-top, top-bottom respect of communication. To this effect, the Research and Development (RD) department is mandated to determine the current prevailing rates of products (Luther, 10). On the other hand, the executive will be required to be follow timely reports of current updates of what Amazon.uk is stipulating to do in the following coming year. Secondly, it is substantial to develop sufficient processes, which will be applied pragmatically at every threshold of the campaign development (Luther, 11). Thirdly, process cannot be effective if sufficient data is not supplied. Promising data analysis will seek to strategize an evaluation mechanism to determine the existing marketing data. Secondly, it is vital to clear prevailing data related to Amazon.uk marketing. This is can be achieved by affiliating old process to the new marketing process. This period will be substantial in adopting logistics of marketing. Primarily, this report advocates the usage of comprehensive strategies. These include, use of advertisements; for instance, flyers, posters, and Ad words or Ad sense. Develop internal organizational requirements; these are business cards, marketing materials ready for reimbursement. It is also vital that Amazon.uk improves its customer care and grievance handling bench.

Performance Evaluation (Month 11-12)

The planning and budgeting process cannot be considered successful if critical evaluations are not deployed at various levels of the campaign. Doole (310) argues that marketing decisions are formulated to ensure that responsive results are realized both in the short-run and long-run. In any case, integrated marketing programs should be strategic, relevant, concise and unbeatable. However, good marketing ideologies often fail at the implementation stages. Amazon.uk might fail in the stabilization of other departments. Linton (59) argues that outdated products consume management time, sales and the marketing costs. This is a regressive tendency since it impacts on the revenue and profits of the organizations. Calkins (102) suggests that cohesive marketing methodologies encompass the development of initiative and tactics. This approach is ratified since it keeps track of all process employed in the marketing process. Also, this process will enable Amazon.uk strategists determine the expected future performance of the performance of the firm as far as, sales is concerned. So, a lucid performance evaluation will require the review of a key component of employee development. Firstly, it is good to determine the stakeholders involved in the campaign. Stakeholders will facilitate the various levels of marketing performance. Secondly, the strategy is expected to set goals for professional development. Thirdly, it is prudent to establish the objectives impacting on each level of the campaign development. In any case, these objectives will relate to the wider Amazon.uk expectations. Lastly, it is practical to discuss the accomplishments, challenges and expectations.


The above document has been substantial in analyzing a satellite twelve month market plan to be employed by Amazon.uk. The forecast has specified one month for objective development and twelve nine months for planning, budgeting and executing process and two months for evaluation. The paper has specified the determination of the target community as a substantial consideration illuminating on a coherent marketing strategy. Inversely, the paper has integrated executive mandate in empowering the entire marketing forecast, stating the executive mandate is primarily based in inspiring and monitoring contribution.






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