1500 word analysis of the role of the state in supporting tourism development in Crete and another 1500 on reflection on the deployment of the 19 methods used to collect data and any issues/challenges that were encountered whilst in the field.

1) Directly address you chosen title 2) Draw substantively on data you (and your group) collected 3) Engage with key conceptual issues 4) Draw on relevant literature 5) Present clear, concise conclusions / recommendations

1) Critically reflect on your deployment of the 3 key methods of primary data collection (a descriptive summary will not put you in a position to compete for a good grade) 2) Engage with key issues / challenges you encountered when collecting/analysing your data (including ethics and triangulation) 3) Draw on relevant literature
Added on 22.04.2016 15:41
In terms of how you might use these datasets, I would like to reiterate that we are NOT looking for a statistics report. However, if you feel you might be able to draw on these datasets in manner which supports other, important points you are making in response to part 1 of the ELN, please do so. The crucial thing to bear in mind when responding to ELN part 1 is that you work should be balanced (in that it should draw meaningfully on data collected via the range of primary data collection methods we deployed, relevant literature and secondary data, plus photographs (if appropriate)). Finally, with respect to the 2nd part of the ELN, please be aware that you are required to reflect on the deployment of the questionnaire survey as a method of data collection, as well as making any comment you consider relevant in terms of how you used the datasets generated via this process

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