Java Coding jGRASP Graphical User Interfaces.Discuss

Choose any project from ITM 251 that required user input and create a GUI for that project.
At a minimum, the user must have to enter at least one type of input and click at least one button to get a result displayed.
All user input and program output must be in a GUI container that exists in a layout manager.
Add a help button and a text area on the bottom of the GUI; when the help button is clicked, fill in this text area with a statement showing the course name, assignment, date, and student name.
Add a reset button to clear all text areas and re-set any radio buttons or pull-down menus.
Write a test plan that shows correct usage and expected outputs, class diagram, screen shots
Turn in: and any additional class files required, with LastFirstITM251Project10TestPlan document with embedded screen shots.


Comment header, inline comments, code indent and whitespace formatting, correct filenames (20%)
Class diagram and test plan are accurate and complete (20%)
Correct use of layout manager to create a pleasing user interface (20%)
Correct and accurate implementation of the selected project (20%
Correct project functionality:
Help button (10%)
Reset button (10%)

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