A Street In Marrakech

1. In 1 to 3 paragraphs explain the author’s and her family’s processes of culture shock, adaptation, and acculturation to Marrakech. Highlight some specific experiences that the author or her family went through in such processes.
2. Describe the research method that BJ uses to gather data.
3. Using the barrel model of culture describe the Infrastructure of the area of the Medina where Rue Tresor was located. Remember that the Infrastructure is not only roads and bridges. (How do people make a living, what do they produce and consume, markets, businesses roads, etc.)
4. Using the barrel model of culture describe the social structure of the Medina (family, marriage, kinship, politics, and any other social organization that you are able to describe.)
5. Using the barrel model of culture describe the superstructure of the Medina (ideas, religious beliefs, beliefs about themselves and of others, magic, etc.)

6. In a paragraph summarize your views on the book, what you learned from it, and any other ideas that serve as a conclusion

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