Critical Evaluation Essay

The critical evaluative essay should focus on a subject (Living like you were dying—-Tim McGraw) which can be examined thoroughly for its artistic merit or content—a song(Living like you were dying)and should be within he same genre (Country
Music) as your previous essays covered. Criteria a are essential for this essay. Criteria are those tangible qualities in the subject that can be examined. For instance, in a song, it might be lyrics or arrangement. Remember, anyone who wants to examine the same subject should be able to use your criteria—even if their evaluation reveals an opinion different than yours. You must choose a
fresh subject; you cannot evaluate your favorite movie because the fact that it is your favorite already demonstrates an evaluation. Once you have established criteria, examine the subject for each. You must include significant detail in your essay to make this examination clear. For instance, if your criterion is acting, you may need to explain or re-create a key scene where an actor acts

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