Achieving Professionalism

This paper is to have an introduction of a practice situation experience that clearly identifies a leadership issue. I have chosen a a planned organised initiative (proactive) where the charge nurse implemented nurses to wear bibs clearly stating during drugs rounds not to disturb them although this was not adhered to and was often ignored by staff and families visiting patients and because of this drugs errors where occurring. Upon noticing this she stopped visitors from staying on the ward during the drug round time and ensured staff where clear on the do not disturb round at every handover. I will upload the essay guidelines and a reading list we have been issued to include for references. This essay has to be linked to the scenario throughout with critical analysis/evaluation and synthesis. I have not completed an introduction as I would like the writer to complete this with my details if possible. The introduction should clearly state the intention and structure of my essay. The main body of the essay is based on leadership, clinical governance and patient safety. I will upload all relevant information if anything else is required please let me know. This is a level 9 essay as I am 3rd year and I would like to achieve over 75 percent if possible. Leadership styles should be covered autocratic etc whatever is relevant and linked emotional intelligence etc good analysis is critical and a critical and questioning approach. link the practice situation in the conclusion. Sorry if this is long winded I\’m just not sure how much info you need. I do have other slides etc if needed. Literature search should be guided by the leadership approaches, strategies,etc and care quality issues from the practice situation.

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