ADHD is an important area of study in psychology which should be treated with seriousness.

ADHD is an important area of study in psychology which should be treated with seriousness. This is because of its effects on people if not promptly addressed especially in children, most of whom are school-going. This is the reason why I chose to study Children and ADHD so as to become a Children ADHD specialist. By this I will be able to help children who struggle with this kind of neurobehavioral developmental disorder, to enable them have good focus. This vision is related to my passion and interests in psychology through my inmost desire to see children succeed in life as well as excel in their academics. And as part of my long term goals to achieve my vision, my interest is to gather knowledge on the common symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment and prevention methods of ADHD. Hence in this paper, I discuss my goals, passions, purpose and interests in psychology with regard to my vision as a children ADHD practitioner.
Keywords: specialist, neurobehavioral developmental disorder, practitioner, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

My Vision as a Children ADHD Practitioner
My passion is to advocate for the rights of children with special needs. Such are the category of children diagnosed with ADHD, which is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder. Hence, my interest is gathering knowledge on diagnosis, symptoms, and methods prevention and treatment of children with ADHD. This is an abbreviation for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a psychological condition which begins from childhood and progresses even to adulthood meaning it affects all age groups. It is characterized by attention problems, distractibility impulsivity and hyperactivity or restlessness (Hallowell, 2009). This passion and interest arise in me because ADHD is my area of study. Additionally, I personally have a child with numerous developmental challenges. Hence my experience and knowledge on ADHD gives me a better understanding on how to deal with the developmental needs of such children.
My personal experience with a child with multiple developmental challenges and knowledge on ADHD gave me the vision to become a Children ADHD specialist. Children with ADHD have very boisterous behaviour and are always inattentive and hyperactive. This is unlike in adults, who struggle to have a focus even without being distracted. They also have difficulty in controlling their speeches and actions. Hence, I more so desire to impact the lives of school-going children with special needs and whose lives have been affected by this psychological disorder called ADHD. I will accomplish this by partnering with the special needs children and other health professionals with ADHD knowledge. I will also have to be based in the public school environments to maintain close link with the special needs children. School environment is important in determining the number of children with learning deficiencies so as to develop meaningful ways for helping and guiding them in advancing their learning. It is also vital in adopting ways of helping them to cope and overcome life challenges. My specialised areas of research and scholarship in psychology are children and ADHD with effective searches using key words from psychology, scholarly and peer-reviewed articles.
These encompass my educational, career and life goals since these are the crucial areas which define my life. My educational goal focuses on academic excellence hence it involves learning, researching and applying the knowledge and experience I have gained to boost my success. Apart from this, I have come up with plans of securing job opportunities as early as before the completion of my course because academic pursuit is tied to careers. This may require me to browse websites, researching newspaper articles, volunteering my services for the success of my academics as well as career advancement. However, my life goal is to make positive adjustments so that I may be able to address life challenges and struggles in my studies as well as in my careers. This will involve application of the principle of Time Management Action Plan which entails reviewing, identifying, setting, planning and scheduling resources.
Hence by becoming a children’s ADHD specialist will enable me to administer diagnosis and treatment which relieve the condition and lessen its effects in the everyday life of children (NHS, 2014). Additionally, I will be better placed to monitor the progress of children after diagnosis and treatment of the condition. This is very crucial as it will further propel me to the success of my career and fulfilment of life goals and vision.

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