Admission for Smeal MBA in PennStateUniversity






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Admission for Smeal MBA in PennStateUniversity

When I was a boy, an old man once said to me that those who make their dreams come true are those willing to grow from nothing to achieve their goals. This has always lingered in my mind, and to this day, it is helping me shape my goals, especially in business where success comes through growth. Though I have majored in computer science in my bachelor’s degree, I am still eager to satisfy my goal of being part of the growth of a small business into a big one. Looking at my father’s business, which includes three supermarkets and two commercial real estate buildings that I am currently managing since July 11 this year, my passion to see it grow bigger is growing by the day. Hence, my short-term goal after pursuing an MBA is to take part in the growth of this business. On the other hand, my long-term goal is to take part in the continued growth of my country through establishing a company big enough to make impact on the lives of others and act as a source of development especially for the youth in my country that lacks proper development. In my college, I went through a self-realization, where I learned that I could make a good leader through several of the activities, which I took part such as leading 20 students in marketing a festival, conducting marketing research, and delivering closed deals with sponsors such as Coca Cola and Vodafone.

Having thought about my goals, I realized that taking an MBA in a well-recognized university with facilities and the right people to guide me would be the best way of achieving my goals (Work, 2011). In addition, I feel that an international university as PennStateUniversity will offer exposure to more cultures, which I believe are crucial considering that businesses today have to serve diversified communities. Having studied in Kakamega for my secondary education, which is a small town in Kenya, studying computer engineering at Punjab in India, and having worked in Accenture, a multinational company in Bangalore, I have come to appreciate cultural diversity as a positive factor in a business. I prefer to take up an MBA in the PennStateUniversity because I believe that I have the right people and facilities that I require (, 2011). This is due to the technology offered in your labs, which is the biggest driver of businesses today (Klein & Rondy, 2009). Hence, taking up an MBA in computer science will equip me with the right knowledge of handling new kinds of businesses and operations in business such as insurance domains that I mostly enjoyed doing for two American insurance companies.

Smeal is a renowned business school, which has an aim of “providing the connections, resources, learning, and experiences to transform your business life and the business world” (, 2011). Moreover, the school has a focused curriculum to enhance growth, leadership, expertise and global perspectives, which are the skills I need for my goals to come true. All businesses require good leadership for growth; therefore, experience in Smeal will be of great importance to my goals. In addition, Smeal offers a good opportunity for career growth through companies that seek for expertise from the school, which I require, especially to fit my current skills in business. Having more than 92,000 students, I believe I can benefit from the expertise and talents of my colleagues especially through industry-sponsored researches that students are required to carry out (, 2011). More so, through collaborative work with other students, I am sure to benefit from them more considering majority of them have a vast of experience in their fields. In addition, from its strong union of alumni, I believe I will have the best role models to look up to for inspiration (, 2011). An admission at your esteemed business school will surely open up the doors to my goal.


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