Adult. Group project

• Analyze one primary, quantitative research study that relates to Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.I HAVE ATTACHED TWO DIFFERENT ARTICLES, JUST PICK ONE OF THEM THAT WILL BEST ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. The target population should address adults ages 18 and older Basic description studies should not be used since hypothesis testing is not included1. Identify the purpose of the study and the research questions. Research questions may be implied.2. Describe sampling methods3. Describe statistical methods used4. Incorporate a discussion on hypothesis testing in relation to your study’s research questions.5. Include in your discussion information concerning the p value and alpha level for each research question.6. Determine if the findings from the study were significant.7. Discuss study limitations8. Include implications for nursing practice.This is just one part of a group project. It has to be in APA 6th edition format but no title page is needed, someone else is doing that. Thank you for your hard work.

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