Assessment information Below is a list of criteria that will help you put together the 3 blog posts for your digital submission. You will be assigned THREE separate sets of required readings to produce THREE blog posts. Each blog post you write will total 500 words for a total of 1500 words for the final submission. Each individual blog post MUST include: 1) A list of 5 to 7 key concepts or vocabulary words you found challenging in the reading. 2) A clear and robust definition and an example to demonstrate your comprehension of ONE of these challenging words/concepts (50 words). 3) A short summary of the article (200 words). 4) A brief reflection on the implications of a key quote or idea in the reading. Try and relate this to something within popular culture, including an ad, image, film, tv show, or news event, etc.(200 words). 5) A question for classroom discussion. Questions can include anything that you want further clarification on? A challenge to something the author has written? A probe for more information? Or anything else that comes to mind. Questions should be open ended no closed questions (50 words).

You must include all of the required components for each blog entry. It would include excellent definitions and examples of the key words; demonstrate an excellent capacity to synthesize and summarize complex articles; demonstrate excellent analytical skills through your reflections on the articles you have been assigned; and finally demonstrate an excellent critical capacity via the question you have been asked to compose for discussion.

TOPIC: Search me: Google a case Study
SEARCH Me: Google a Case Study:
Doing a search on Google or iTunes or Amazon is not a neutral process. While it may appear to be objective a user has a query and information is provided it is not. For this reason, search services, social or otherwise, have always been valuable forms of information for advertisers. Today we will consider the powers embedded in SEARCH and the investment of those industries who compete to organize the worlds digital information super highways.
Required Readings
Pasquale, F. (2014). Chapter 3: The Hidden Logics of Search. The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms that Control Money and Information. Pp. 59-83
Additional Readings
Barabasi, A., & Frangos, J. (2014). Linked: The New Science Of Networks Science Of Networks. Basic Books.
Halavais, A. (2008). Search Engine Society (Vol. 21). Polity.
Simon, P. (2011). The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business. Motion Publishing.
Vaidhyanathan, S. (2012). The Googlization of Everything: (and why We Should Worry). University of California Press.

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