Curriculum Manifesto

Essay 3: Curriculum ManifestoWhile many educators see value in aspects of all four curriculum perspectives and regularly adopt elements of each in their practice, there are, nonetheless, some fundamental disagreements among the four perspectives. In an essay of @1000 words, identify two fundamental disagreements among two or more of the perspectives, then discuss each disagreement with reference to the following questions:What are the beliefs or values or assumptions that create this disagreement?How does the disagreement manifest itself in curriculum? Provide an example. (If applicable use the course of study that you referenced in essays 1 and 2.)What is your opinion with regard to this disagreement and what reasons support your opinion?Further information:- A description of 4 major perspective- Reading list (include all reading for each perspective and Ferrero reading)- Essay 1&2 is my previous assignment based on the course description of EDUC.doc (It might be helpful for you to develop example)

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