Advertising brand

\”DISNEY\” is the brand I picked.- What are the key messages your brand is trying to communicate online?- Is your brand’s key messaging simple and understandable?- What audiences do you think your brand is trying to communicate to? Include afew examples of the audiences your brand is communicating to and how it is doing it.- How does your brand communicate benefits to the audiences it reaches out to?- What is your brand’s “unique selling proposition”?- How does your brand communicate the same or similar messages across multiple media platforms?- Please include a screenshot of your brand’s website along with links to all of the social media platforms you looked at for your brand. Make sure to cite elements from the required readings this week, and demonstrate that you took the time to understand those readings. (e.g. don’t just quickly copy and paste lines from the reading)*********************************************************************************- Include two external links- Include one photo or video- Assignment title must be catchy and interesting- Must be client ready, nicely formatted and formal in language.- All sections must include detail about what you found and what you’drecommend be done to improve.**********************************************READINGS-

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