An analysis of British Airways.

This is a REPORT.
An analysis of British Airways.

Will need to include the following heading and sub-headings:

1. Introduction (150 words)

2. Analysis of the external environment (900 words)
Sub-headings here e.g. 1.Macro Environment Analysis PESTEL, 2 Micro Environment Analysis Porters 5 Forces Model (mention whether every force is high, moderate or low and in the end conclude whether the industry is attractive and profitable or not), and industry life cycle theory.

3. Analysis of the internal environment (1000 words)
Sub-headings here: e.g. 1.Resource Based View of the Company, 2 Value Chain etc..

4. Analysis of PR crises (600 words)
required to identify one, two or three issues that affected the image of the company, either internal or external. You will need to briefly analyse what happened applying theories on organisational ethics theory,, corporate governance CSR concepts, stakeholder applications & reputation management concepts/metrics. Not all of them are required, but the more you apply and reference inside the PR crisis/issue the better it is. We want you to demonstrate application of relevant theories.

Subheadings again here according to your identified crises/relevant theory

5. Strategic Analysis (1200 words)
Subheadings here: e.g. 1. Business Level Strategy, 2. Corporate Strategy, 3. Strategies Suggested for future/Evaluation, 4. Implementation Modes/Techniques and Final Suggestions.

Here you need to:
a) Identify the business level strategy of BRITISH AIRWAYS (this could be also been found/linked from question 2. That is either cost leadership or differentiation or hybrid (both). Of course you will need to reference all concepts such as Porter, 1985.
b) Identify the corporate level strategies. These could be growth: e.g. market penetration, market development, product development, vertical/horizontal integration, related/unrelated diversification. Here you can use the Ansoffs matrix/directional policy table (it is essentially the same). Of course there are turnaround corporate strategies (e.g. downsizing, liquidation, divesture etc) and stability strategies ( no-change strategy, pause, etc)
So in a) and b) you can identify/record plenty of strategies but please use the terminology and reference properly every concept.
c) Suggest strategies: Either you can suggest sustaining the existing ones, or developing the existing ones, or developing new.
d) Choose two (advisable)-three (max) strategies to evaluate them according to certain criteria. These can be:
– suitability acceptability feasibility, that is SAF (highly recommended, simple and straightforward)
-STAIR model
-SUITS model
-RACES model
– or any other properly referenced model.

6. Conclusions (150)

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