Analysis of En route.

What to Write/do for This Assignment
Respond to the following six items below. Aim for approximately 300 words total (for what you write for all the six items taken together).
Note: There is no need to reproduce the directions below in what you submit, but please number your items 1-6.

Tell me the reading selection that you are analyzing for MA, and tell me why you have chosen this reading.
[Note: To identify the reading, just tell me the author’s last name — but spell it correctly, please!]

Work up some notes** where you try to apply to your selected reading the first four terms listed under “Rhetorical Situation” on page 399 of NFG. These four items are listed below, but you should check page 399 in NFG for additional information on each term.

Work up some notes** related to the item labeled “How it’s said” from the Text Analysis handout linked above.

Work up some notes** related to the item “Who says It?” from the Text Analysis handout linked above.
Note: It’s fine for this item to do some web searching for info on the author. But please make a note of any web source that you happen to use (a title for the source, plus the web address, is sufficient).

Work up some notes** related to item #5 (dealing with forming a ‘judgment’ about the reading you are analyzing) from the Suggestions for Working toward the MA3 Rough Draft handout linked above.|

List any questions/concerns that you have with regard to Major Assignment 3 (or with regard to the reading you are analyzing).
[If things seems fairly clear to you about this assignment and about the reading you are analyzing — and you have no questions or concerns at this time — let me know that).

** By “work up some notes” I mean type up anything that you think might be useful for you as you move toward your MA3 Rough Draft. [And at this stage of the writing process, just about anything you are noticing is potentially useful.]
Note: You can write a paragraph, or you can use a list (whatever works better for you). You can also include questions that you might need/want to address as you continue to work with your selected reading. Just be sure that what you type up responds to the particular requirements of the items listed above (and, of course, connects to the reading you are analyzing).

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