Analyze specific passages from the story as you make your points.

Discuss ZZ Packer\’s story Brownies in terms of Flannel OConnors idea of a moment of grace, as you see it defined in Michael M. Jordana Flannel OConnor: A Guide for the Perplexed and as you see it play out in OConnors story The Artificial Nigger. Analyze specific passages from the story as you make your points.
Study Jordans paper carefully in order to grasp the concept of the moment of grace and be able to use this terminology to discuss this moment for the character(s) in the story. In part, Jordan tells us that:
Mr. Head in \”The Artificial Nigger\”
is brought to a moment of grace or a
moment of judgment by means of violence.
we do not know whether or not the protagonists
accept their moment of grace, but
we do sense that they have been exposed
to something verging on the borderland
of mystery. And if we read this fiction in
the spirit in which it was written, our own
sense of spiritual realities and spiritual
mysteries will be enhanced.
Now, how will you apply these ideas from Jordan and OConnor to Brownies?
Added on 03.06.2016 22:35
you should not use any other sources expect the 3 stories I give you, please read the sources and instructions carefully.
Instruction files

packer_brownies.pdf(1,55 MiB)
oconnor_guide_for_the_perplexed.pdf(733,72 KiB)
o_apos_connor_artificial.pdf(115,00 KiB)

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