Perception (information processing and cognition)

This paper is meant to explore how our experiences, beliefs, and biases can affect what we perceive. For example, those who are told that a Led Zepplin song played backwards has Satanic verses, but didn\’t hear it before they were told of this. Explore both auditory and visual aspects to this. Mostly visual. Visual perception is not always correct because sometimes they are based on our own assumptions or beliefs. A way in which we try to make sense of our environment. I\’m wondering if we can discuss to what extent all of these things affect perception, as well as if these phenomenon can account for situations such as officers in the US firing their weapon at a perceived threat. (Trayvon Martin case is what comes to my mind) How George Zimmerman may have harbored racist beliefs and led him to perceive a pack of Skittles as an actual weapon. So they main question that should be answered is: How much do our experiences, biases, and beliefs affect what we perceive? And can this phenomenon account for racially motivated civilian shootings by the police in the US?

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