Analyze the annual report of a publically traded company.

For this assignment you will need to analyze the annual report of a publically traded company. The annual report can be accessed using the Securities Exchange Commission website. The annual report is the 10-K and can be found in the company filings section of the site.
After reviewing the annual report please submit your written analysis in one page. Written analysis does not include supplemental material like tables, charts, or financial statements; this means your final document can be more than three pages because financial statements will not counted as part of the report. The entire report should be written using APA formatting and be in a Word document.
Paper Requirements:
1. Name of the company, state of incorporation, location of headquarters, ticker symbol, and exchange that the stock is available on.
2. Discuss a minimum of three factors affecting the business in your own words.
3. Discuss to items that management has highlighted in its discussion of the financial statements.
4. Discuss the findings of the independent auditor.
5. Discuss two significant accounting principles utilized by the company – discussion should include how these items affect stockholders.
6. Identify and discuss one item of interest on both the balance sheet and income statement using horizontal analysis.
7. Identify and discuss one item of interest on both the balance sheet and income statement using vertical analysis.
8. On page 800 – (Chapter 17) of your book you will find exhibit 10; this exhibit has a list of ratios that are used to analyze companies. Calculate and discuss a minimum of five of these ratios.
9. Compare the ratios calculate in part 8 of that analysis to at least one of the company’s competitors.
10. Based on the information that you have gathered express your opinion about the company’s operations.

APA, Spelling, and Grammar 5 Points
Provided information for all requirements 10 Points
Quality of discussion1 20 Points
Uses data to support opinion 15 Points

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