Read “The Apple of Your i” in Chapter 4 (pages 153-155). Answer all parts of questions 4-7 – 4-11 worth 10 points for each question.Your case study should be a minimum of four (4) pages in length, 1 ½ spaces, 12 font and a minimum of two sources cited outside of the book. Number each question according to the book with the question stated; yes, state each question. You will lose 2 points for each question not stated in your paper. You will lose points for not following these instructions. If you do not complete a full four (4) pages then you will lose a minimum of 10 points. More points may be deducted depending on how many pages are completed. For example, if you only complete one written page you will lose more than 10 points. The cited sources and grammar screen shot does not count towards your written pages.

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