Do you believe that history can be objective (unbiased)? Why or why not?

Do you believe that history can be objective (unbiased)? Why or why not? What factors come into play? Why do you think that college students are required to study history in order to graduate? Should they be required to study history? Explain. What, if any, value do you think that the study of history has? Explain. Include specific details and examples in your answer.

I added the professors instructions!

Where you must develop a thesis statement or topic sentence and give a complete answer with details and examples (evidence). Proofread before submittingdo NOT have grammatical, punctuation, or other proofreading errors in your post. Content is most important to the calculation of your grade, but organization and proper writing also matter. Do NOT use text speak or informal language in these. Write as you would for a term paper.
Students may divide the post into different sections to answer the different questions if they wish.
Excellent (A)An A post clearly answers all of the topic prompt questions. The post includes supporting details and examples as well as explanations of ideas. The post demonstrates not only mastery of the course material, but shows thought and critical thinking as well. All questions are answered correctly/argued effectively.
Competent (B or C)A B or C post answers all of the topic prompt questions. It includes some details, examples, and explanations, though not as many and these are not as refined as in an A post. This post demonstrates less mastery of the course materials, but still shows proficiency with the material. Ideas are clear and supported. All questions are answered correctly/argued adequately.
Poor (D)A D post might address some but not all of the questions or might answer all of the questions in a very shallow way. It lacks detail and explanation. Questions might be either inadequately or incorrectly answered, but an effort has been made.
Unacceptable (F)An F post does not answer the topic questions or answers them in an inaccurate or generic way.
ExcellentAn A post contains few or no errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Proper conventions are followed with regard to capitalization. Post contains no text-speak and is written in academic style. Proofreading has been done.
CompetentA B or C post contains an error or two in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, or spelling. It might inadvertently have informal language (non-academic language) in it. But, the writing of the post remains clear enough to effectively present arguments and ideas.
PoorA D post contains several errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, or spelling. It needs further proofreading. The writing might be poor enough that it is difficult, but not impossible, to follow the arguments being made.
UnacceptableAn F post contains many proofreading errors. The writing is so poor that the ideas and arguments are impossible to follow.
ExcellentAn A post is well organized either as a mini-essay (or is divided into sections to deal with the different questions). It is clear throughout the post what questions are being answered. The student presents and supports larger ideas/theses in a logical and coherent manner.
CompetentA B or C post is written as a mini essay (or divided into topical sections) and progresses in a clear, coherent manner. It is evident what question is being answered at any given point in the post. Student has main ideas and these are supported, though in less detail than in an A post.
PoorA D essay lacks clear organization but still manages to address the topic questions in a way that is understandable.
UnacceptableThe F essay lacks clear organization and that lack of organization causes a lack of clarity.

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