Application of the Data-Information-Knowledge Model to Database Design

Working together, create and submit your Team Collaboration Plan. This part of your project should identify and explain the general guidelines and plan you will follow to work successfully online and optimize your collective individual skills. Pick your focus area first. Then, identify several issues, topics, or problems that require data to examine, manage, and/or solve. For clinical settings, you can start thinking about patient care and issues that need exploration. In health care administration, consider the kinds of decisions an administrator needs to make. An administrator can be on a patient care unit, in a department, or as highly placed as the chief nurse officer (CNO). In educational settings, you can take on a faculty role or a dean’s role and consider the issues faced by these roles.Write down these issues, topics, or problems. Decide within your team which one you will address for the project. Pick only one topic.In 2–3 pages, address the following:Team identification: A listing of all team members, and an identifying name for the team.Team vision: A brief statement that embodies your team\’s ideal in completing this project and targets all you want to accomplish together.Processes and expectations for communication: The most effective means of working together from a distance are asynchronous modes that allow team members to express thoughts and share ideas according to their own schedules. You also need to consider the best ways to share any documents or information you may gather from speaking directly to an expert in a field, or from a source that is only available to you in hard copy.How you will determine roles and how you will divide the work for this project: Typical roles include an organizer who makes sure that everyone stays on track and editors who take the agreed-upon final contributions of team members and fit them into the project deliverable. These suggested roles are guidelines. For the purposes of this project, you may discover that different or additional roles are more effective. None of the roles you decide on substitute for individual participation when it comes to the content of the project. All team members should contribute to the project content and discussions equally.How you will deal with any conflicts that arise: This should address the way you would like to see conflicts resolved and determine agreed-upon guidelines or processes you will follow.Expectations for participation: One of the key objections to working with an online team is the fear that some members will not participate or that one or two members will be burdened with the majority of the work. In this section of the plan, determine, and agree upon expectations for participation, and the measures you will take when expectations are not met.

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