media consolidation

Media ConsolidationRead this article titled \”The 30 biggest media companies in the world\”: (Links to an external site.)Examine the top ten in the list.According to Free Press ( (Links to an external site.)),\”Today absentee corporations own more and more of our news media. Focused only on the bottom line, they’re cutting journalists and gutting newsrooms nationwide. And many of these corporations are dodging the FCC’s ownership rules to snap up more outlets and create monopolies in markets throughout the country.The more independent outlets a community has, the more different viewpoints will be presented. The reverse is just as true. The FCC needs to close the ownership loopholes that have enabled this runaway consolidation, and it needs to craft policies that would boost ownership among women and people of color.Consolidation has also long run rampant in the cable and broadband industries, where companies like Comcast would rather spend billions to kill off their competitors than improve their service or build out their networks to unserved and underserved communities. Meanwhile, the soaring price of home internet access continues to strand too many people — in particular, low-income people of color — on the wrong side of the digital divide.Free Press pushes the FCC to promote competition and hold media and technology companies accountable to the public interest.\”After examining the holdings of the top ten media companies, what are your thoughts on media consolidation/media conglomerations, media ownership, and the messages that audiences receive? Free Press says, \”Corporate media giants are silencing diverse voices, abandoning quality journalism, and eliminating local content. Our democracy needs better media.\” Do you agree or disagree? Explain.Find two sources that support your argument. Cite your two current sources 2014-present (other than Wikipedia) in your response. Also, at the end of your response leave an APA style Reference List of your sources. Review the APA Style guidelines under Home. Here are a few ways to do citations in your response:Short quotationFamous media theorist Marshall McLuhan (1967) said, “Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn\’t know the first thing about either.”

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