application of theories of aging

I have enclosed some details regarding the assignment below. Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information. I greatly appreciate this assistance. I have two assignments due at the same time and am feeling overwhelmed! I am using this assignment to serve as an example of Master’s level work, (since I’ve been out of school for a while I am interested in using it as a template) Thank you so much for your effort.This is a Masters level assignmentAssignment 1: Discuss an integrated framework to describe aging (4 pages not including references and title page) APA formatFrameworks for understanding human aging:- Life course perspective- Theories of aging- Bio-physcho-Social frameworkHealthy Aging: some tips gained in class as to options/input to potentially structure the assignment:Apply the theories studied in the reading – do not just recite them- task is to make sense of themAppraise them/compare and contrast themWhat are their strengths/ gaps /limitations?How could they be applied in practiceFeel free to structure your own model- (you can argue why you don’t think any are applicable)OR use a combo of the theoriesUltimately come up with a framework that invites a different discussion on agingSee below for resources

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