Is stress associated with academic achievement among college students?

I have the research paper assignment instructions under additional materials. We will be working together for the next two months so I need you to totally comprehend the assignment details. You will be writing an article that will be anywhere from 9 to 13 pages but we will work on it step by step because i will be providing you with the necessary info. For this particular order, I need you to write an introduction that is one page long (2 paragraphs) or maybe longer if you see fit. For now let\’s start with one page and we might add an extra page later on. I have attached the 10 references that we will be using to cite our article. All those 10 references are articles that we will be using as our citation sources throughout the entire article. We will have to use ALL of them as sources in our article and we cannot use any more than these. For the introduction, you can cite as many as you see fit to make your point and give a general idea of the content of the article. Our topic is regarding the association of stress and academic achievement among college students. The college students are gonna be the college students from California State University of Los Angeles. We want to see if there is an association and our hypothesis that you will basically state at the end of the introduction is that stress reduces academic achievement in college students. Below is the format of the introduction which you can also find in the paper instructions that im providing you with:3. Background/introduction:a. Starts on new page, no heading.b. Paragraph: Explain importance of the outcome using statistics – incidence/prevalence rates, percentages, etc.i. References needed.c. Paragraph:i. Use previous studies to link exposure to outcome.1. References needed.ii. Use previous studies to indicate why the population is relevant to the exposure and outcome.1. References needed.iii. End with a clear statement of your hypothesis or objective.1. Exposure, outcome, and population must be clear.Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to our cooperation.

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