Are socialism and capitalism compatible?

Part I: Introduction. From a design point of view, the introduction to a paper is one of its most important parts. A reader that is confused by the introduction or who fails to see that the paper deals with an important or interesting issue is not likely to read the rest. And, if she does read on, she is less likely to get the main point. As a consequence, every introduction must consist of four parts: (a) State the problem to be solved. (b) Discuss the state of the art (i.e., previous work) and explain why, despite/because of this literature, there remains: (i) confusion; (ii) misunderstanding; (iii) errors; or (iv) some unresolved problem. Alternatively, present an empirical puzzle that the existing literature fails to explain. (c) State the essence of your contribution, that is, your solution to the problem or puzzle. Give the reader a sense of how you solve the problem; provide some confidence that if she reads the rest of your paper, she has a chance of learning something. (d) The last paragraph of your introduction should always be a “road map” paragraph; for example: “This paper proceeds as follows. In section 1 …” “The references should be done in Harvard system.”

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