Art trails based on Set Text- compare with the past 25 years


Maximum Word Count: 3,000

Assignment Set Text:
The Painter’s Eye and the Lawyer’s Tongue : The Artist as Witness (pages 105-133 of The Trials of Art edited by Daniel McClean, Ridinghouse, London, 2007).

Assignment Brief:

Consider the Set Text and issues involved in and arising from the Desenfans v. Vandergucht art trial of 1787, and critically evaluate those issues in relation to art trials held over the past 25 years where courts have been required to decide whether a work is authentic.

Assessment Criteria:

The assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria:

understanding and application of a range of legal issues relevant to court decisions on whether a work is authentic
use of and reference to a range of relevant art trials held over the past 25 years, each of which casts further light on the various issues involved in and arising from the 1787 trial
clarity and balance of critical evaluation
academic presentation (terminology, citation, style, spelling, grammar, syntax).
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