Article Critique: Why God Became Man

Article Critique: Why God Became Man

Article Critique

The author of this article seems to have a strong theological background as revealed by the way he analyzes the reasons why God became man. In reference to this, the author places more emphasis on Jesus Christ by letting the audience understand why God sent His Son in the likeliness of sinful flesh. He also has a comprehensive understanding of this topic and analyzes it in detail by quoting relevant Bible verses to support his points. The author constructs his argument by giving some brief history on the incarnation of Jesus Christ as the foundation of becoming a man. At the beginning of the article, the author constructs his arguments by illustrating the various ways that Jesus carried Himself to prove that He was a man[1]. This starts from His birth by the Virgin Mary to His death on the cross. Indeed, this clearly shows that the author has vast knowledge on this subject and backs his ideas with practical facts from the Bible.

Certainly, reading through the article reveals that the author had succeeded in balancing the treatment of the topic. He has managed to achieve this by referring to both Old and New Testaments to give readers a broader perspective on the subject of “why God became man.” In addition, the content of the article remains focused on the topic. To explain this further, all the Bible references that are given by the author are relevant to the topic or have information that would assist readers grasp the concept better. As a fact, the author’s arguments are quite convincing because he uses numerous examples from the Bible[2]. By making tangible references from the Bible, the author clears any doubts that might arise in the article and sets the facts clear. Although the article does not have a clear conclusion, the information provided in the whole article narrows down to convince the audience on the reasons why God became man.

Personal Conclusion Statement

Like the author, I strongly believe that the act of Jesus assuming a human body is one of the main examples in the Bible that can be used to elaborate on the topic of why God became man. For this to be relevant, it is important to understand why Jesus is considered to be God. In Timothy 1, it is written on how God was manifest in the flesh as an indication that God identified Himself to the world through His Son Jesus. Jesus came to the world to save mankind from sins as man was not righteous. This is further explained in the book of Galatians 4:4 where Paul affirms that God sent His Son to the world. Again, this sheds light on the fact that Jesus was in fact a son of God who came to the world to destroy the devil.

Additionally, I believe that Jesus was God because in reality a son takes the characteristics of the father and therefore Jesus was also God. I can support this through the Bible scriptures where Paul proceeds to explain how Jesus took a form of a servant, humbled himself, and remained obedient until His death. For this reason, I believe that Jesus became man to urge people repent their sins as the only way of getting to the kingdom of heaven as explained in the book of Mathew 4:17. Moreover, throughout His life on earth, Jesus lived like a man and even ended up dying like a man. To elaborate this further, I strongly support the idea that Jesus was God especially after reading Philippians 2:1-10)[3]. Here, it is written that Jesus was in the form of God and that He was divine because he was God. Likewise, in Hebrews 13:8 it is clearly stipulated that Jesus Christ continued being God the Son even when He lived as a man. Jesus managed to take control of the world and proved His power as the Son of God through miracles. Some scholars hold arguments that Jesus was not God but their arguments are weak because they are not backed by facts from any scriptures. As such, the Bible references I have presented rebuke the arguments that Jesus was not God and therefore give solid reasons of why God became man through Jesus but the overall objective was to save the mankind from sins.

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