Assignment #1: Case Study Analysis with Data Flow Diagram (DFD) [MID-TERM] Objective(s): The student will identify and describe a technology implementation and data flow solution in 1500 to 2000 words aimed at improving/resolving health care delivery deficiency.

CASE STUDYThe Problem: A 528 bed tertiary care facility with a network of over 40 private and employed, primary and specialty care practices and several care environments for geriatric patients and behavioral health needs offers web-based Portal technology to over physician practices to coordinate patient care. The general medical association is a resident-based practice within the tertiary care facility providing internal medicine and family care services with 63 residents, seven attending physicians and several mid-level providers (NPs & PAs) across two geographically separate locations on the same campus – the outpatient department (OPD) and women’s health (OB-GYN) clinic. Together, the OPD and OB-GYN see about 32,000 patients annually with approximately 80% of patients on Medicaid, 10% with commercial insurance, and 10% self-pay.The physical layout of staff work areas and constant rotation of residents create an inefficient environment for several health care delivery processes such as timely prescription renewals. The environment also strains relationships with patients, pharmacies, and clinic staff with the handling of multiple redundant phone calls and faxes from the same patients and pharmacies inquiring about the status of prescription renewal requests.Your Solution: Based on the information provided and your creativity, identify and describe an effective technology implementation (in a minimum of 1500 words) and provide a data flow solution aimed at improving/resolving some aspect of healthcare information delivery.You must also provide a DFD depicting your solution (This is NOT a flow chart). Select a health care specialty or department (i.e; pharmacy, nursing, surgery, outpatient clinic, urgent care, etc.), related to the above case study. Create a data flow diagram that demonstrates how health information moves using technology assistance for some aspect (i.e; patient safety, efficiency, quality, risk management, etc.) or process of healthcare information delivery performed by or in a chosen specialty. Your design should clearly identify the complete data flow. You may select any health care information delivery processor from one of the suggestions provided.The APA formatted paper will be a minimum of 1500 to maximum of 2000 words, double spaced pages, using Times New Roman font size 12pt. The abstract and title page are not included in the page or word count. 6 references.IMPORTANT: When students submit this assignment, student work will be submitted to a plagiarism prevention tool (Turnitin). See the CGCE Standard Policies for more information.

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